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Harrand Creek Elementary

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Monthly Lessons

February Large Group Lessons

This month our lessons are on Kindness

K: I am a Bucket Filler

1st: I am a Bucket Filler

2nd: The Lonely Moose

3rd: Don't  squish others

4th: Ripples of Kindness

5th: The gift of Kindness

6th: Science of Happiness

January Large Group Lessons

K: Calming down our strong feelings and how to handle waiting

1st: How to use our words and strategies to solve problems and ways to calm down to manage when we worry.

2nd: How to manage our anger and to stay focused on finishing our tasks

3rd: How to handle emotions and strategies to manage anxiety

4th: Strategies to calm down anger and how to manage our anxiety

5th:  Handling put-downs and resisting revenge

6th: How to handle our emotions and what happens to our brain when they feel a strong emotion

December Counseling Lessons

K: Our feelings in our bodies and physical clues when we are worried and how to help ourselves calm down.

1st: How to calm down our anger and know when to use our calming down strategies. 

2nd: Handling making mistakes and managing our anxious feelings.

3rd Accepting differences and showing compassion for others.

4th: Describe what triggers our strong emotions and demonstrate how to stop our emotions from escalating.

5th: Identify social situations that cause anxiety and identify physical signs of frustration.

6th: Recognizing and identifying different types of bullying behaviors and how to refuse and report.

November Lessons

K:  How to be a good listener and focus on attention.

1st: Identify our own feelings and ways to help us calm down when the feelings get strong.

2nd: Emotion management and how to calm down to help us manage our emotions.

3rd: Identify others' feelings and think about others' perspectives to help us have empathy for others.

4th: Empathy and respect towards others.

5th: Identify personal signals when our emotions take over and techniques to help get our emotions under control.

6th: Recognize and identify different ways of cyber bullying and demonstrate ways to support and stand up for the student who is being cyber bullied

       October: Bully and Drug Free

K: Discuss what is healthy for my body and discuss what a bully is. Activity: Healthy me cut and paste

1st: Watch the video "Wise Old Owl Drug Safety" and discuss what a bully is. Activity: Say Boo to Drugs

2nd: Watch "Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue" and discuss what a bully is. Activity: Little Monster says No to Drugs Puppet.

3rd: Watch "The Drug Avengers" and discuss what a bully is. Activity: Set Sail Drug Free Pirate Ship

4th: Watch "The boy who was swallowed by the Drug Monster" and discuss what a bully is. Activity: I can make smart choices

5th: Watch "Natural High 2" and discuss what a bully is. Activity: I am Drug Free, all about me.

6th: Watch Natural High 5" and discuss what a bully is. Activity: Drug Free Word Search

** All grades we will discuss the differences between a good and bad drug.

Sept: Introduction to the Counselor

K: Meet Your School Counselor: Mr. Potato Head

1st: The Counselor and the Rainbow Fish

2nd: Reasons to see the Counselor: High Five

3rd: Meet the School Counselor: Task Card activity 

4th: What is the Role of the School Counselor: Jenga

5th/6th: Meet the School Counselor: Catchers